• MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions for communications, Internet of Things (¡°IoT¡±) applications, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. The Company¡¯s business is comprised of two operating segments: the Foundry Services Group and the Standard Products Group.

    Foundry Services Group
    The Company¡¯s Foundry Services Group provides specialty analog and mixed-signal foundry services and technologies, including power, high-voltage, non-volatile memory and Radio Frequency (¡°RF¡±), mainly for fabless and Integrated Device Manufacturer (¡°IDM¡±) semiconductor companies that primarily serve communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. The company offers a unique analog technology that combines BCD technology with high-density E-squared technology in a single process node at 0.13 micron.

    Standard Products Group
    The Company¡¯s Standard Products Group is comprised of two business lines: Display Solutions and Power Solutions.

    The Company¡¯s Display Solutions products provide panel display solutions to major suppliers of large and small rigid and flexible panel displays, and mobile, automotive applications and home appliances. The Company is a leader in designing and supplying display driver integrated circuits called Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED).

    The Company¡¯s Power Solutions products include discrete and integrated circuit solutions for power management in communications, consumer and industrial applications.

    Proven Track Record, Patents and Technologies
    MagnaChip, with over 30 years of operating history, owns a portfolio of approximately 3,300 registered patents and pending applications, and has extensive engineering, design and manufacturing process expertise.

    The Company¡¯s wide variety of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and manufacturing services, combined with its deep technology platform, allows it to address multiple high-growth end markets and to rapidly develop and introduce new products and services in response to market demands.

    Enabling Innovation
    MagnaChip has a long history of supplying and collaborating on product and technology development with leading innovators in the electronics industry. As a result, the Company has been able to strengthen its technology platform and develop products and services that are in high demand by our customers and end consumers.

    The Company¡¯s business is largely driven by innovation. Electronics manufacturers are continuously implementing advanced technologies in new generations of electronic devices using analog and mixed-signal semiconductor components, including display driver integrated circuits such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes that enable the display of high-resolution images. Other devices are used to encode and decode signals that allow playback of high-definition audio and video, as well as power-management semiconductors that increase power efficiency, to reduce heat dissipation and extend battery life.